Millennium Development Goals

1. We must eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

2. Achieve universal primary education

3. Promote gender equality and empower women

4. Reduce child mortality

5. Improve maternal health

6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and other diseases

7. Ensure environmental sustainability

8. Build global partnerships for development

9. Bring opportunities of financial stability and healthcare to American Veterans and their families

10. Stop Human Trafficking

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

Kathy began serving ETAF as a result of their closeness. Elizabeth’s mentorship helped Kathy make the transition from model and fledgling actress, to a leading CEO.

911 for Kids International

Kathy Ireland serves as International Ambassador of 9-1-1 for Kids and National Chair of Family Services/ Parenting for Athletes & Entertainers for Kids. She has worked with the organization since 1997​

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

International Youth Chair
NPCF is dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer. Our focus is to find less toxic, more effective treatments through a unique collaborative research initiative called the Sunshine Project.

Barbara Ireland Walk for Breast Cancer.

100% of money raised goes to ethical research, which provides access to cutting-edge therapies; genetic counseling, which provides patients with the chance to determine their genetic risk for cancer and possibly have their treatment modified as a result; and navigation, which offers patients a consistent care coordinator during their experience with breast cancer.


The mission of AIPAC is to encourage and persuade the U.S. government to enact specific policies that create a strong, enduring and mutually beneficial relationship with our ally Israel.

Hardwired Global

Empowering Leaders to Advance Human Rights for All ​ Because everyone deserves the freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief – it’s how we’re hardwired.

The Dream Foundation

Giving life to final Dreams

Serving terminally-ill adults and their families by providing end-of-life Dreams that offer inspiration, comfort and closure.

YWCA GLA Ambassador 

The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism,empowering women​ and promoting peace, ​ justice, freedom, and dignity for all.​

The Fallen Outdoors

The Fallen Outdoors mission is to organize outdoor adventures for veterans past and present, from every generation and from all branches of the military. Our aim is to connect Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines with like-minded individuals along with teaching them a skill and passion they can continue for a lifetime.