Our hearts are smashed by tears. Our family is 8th generation Californian. This is where we live, love and work. Tuesday, the Assembly Judiciary and Health committees passed a terrifying bill which will legalize perinatal murder. This has happened, despite thousands of peaceful protestors. The bill is AB-2223. People of every faith, people with no faith, every political party, every race, gender and sexual orientation recognize taking the life of a child is deeply disturbing, inhumane and iniquitous.



Occurring during or pertaining to the phase surrounding the time of birth, from the twentieth week of gestation to the twenty-eighth day of newborn life.

The US is one of 7 countries that allows late term elective abortions, joining ranks with China and North Korea.

This new bill makes our country a leader in these atrocities. The womb, and now, even outside the womb are now, among the most dangerous places for children.


Please don’t be deceived by marketing.

This bill literally allows the killing of children. The World Health Organization acknowledges approximately 125,000 abortions happen daily - on a global basis. With this bill, our nation moves beyond abortion and allows infanticides to become a permissible tragedies. This is not a women’s rights issue, this is a human rights crisis. Those of us who believe in human rights must engage in peaceful activism to save our children.


Will you please contact your elected officials and tell them this must not become new law. Please write to Governor Newsom to veto this bill.

Email Governor Newsom

Find your State Senate and Assembly Representatives

To read AB 2223 in its entirety, please click here


Dr. Vansen Huang, a practicing OBGYN of over 30 years, told lawmakers, “A close inspection of this bill does allow the legalization of killing of innocent newborn children up to the age of 28 days. A yes vote is an unequivocal and complete approval of a legalized killing of a newborn baby, and with all my heart I oppose AB-2223 and urge you to vote no.” The following link shares Dr. Huang’s remarks. Please invest the time in the lives of our children who will be lost if this horrific bill becomes law.

Please Click to see Dr. Vansen Huang's Plea




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